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rapid solutions

Our Parent Company Ngineering Solutions began in 2003 and since then we have become experts in manufacturing a wide range of parts across various disciplines. Over the years, we have developed an understanding of the need for Rapid/Low Volume production and as a result we began to offer these services to our existing Customers to help them with their Rapid Manufacturing woes. With the need for Rapid Manufacturing becoming more and more apparent to more and more businesses, we decided to offer these services as a stand-alone division of the company.


3D Printing

Bring your design to life. Print in any material and visualise your design through rapid .

The Process

1. Quotation

Send us your drawings,
and we'll turn them into
a quote in no time! (PDF, STEP & DXF/DWG are 

2. Rapid Manufacturing

Once samples have been approved and everyone is on the same page, we'll arrange production immediately. Our employees around the globe have visitation rotas for all of our Vendors, so week by week we're able to offer real time updates on order progression, as well as the ability to identify any potential issues with the manufacturing process as and when they arise.

4. Delivery

We'll use one of our
Global Shipping
Partners to ensure you
receive your goods in a
timely manner. Sea or
Air, anywhere in the

3. Inspection

Our team of professionals will inspect your parts meticulously, paying close attention to any special requirements as well as their usual, thorough inspection criteria ensuring that nothing leaves a factory without
being perfect!


Unit 1, Regis Industrial Estate, Dorset Rd, Sheerness ME12 1LY

01795 668862

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